Here are some important tips to help you be a part of Mirada 2018:

How to get to Sesc


Route → As entering the city, go through the tunnel, pass by Santa Casa Hospital, following through Av. Bernardino de Campos (Canal 2) until entering right at Av. Presidente Wilson (beach). Turn left at the first U-turn. Drive by the beach avenue and turn left on Rua Alexandre Martins, on the first traffic light after Av. Almirante Cochrane (Canal 5).

BY INTERCITY BUS (São Paulo – Santos)

• Expresso Brasileiro/ Rápido Brasil/ Ultra/ Expresso Luxo/ Cometa (destination: Ponta da Praia)
Route→ Jabaquara subway station – Santos – get off at Av. Bartolomeu de Gusmão (beach) at the Fonte do Sapo bus stop, right after Av. Almirante Cochrane (Canal 5) – walk until and enter Rua Alexandre Martins taking the second street to the left, Rua Conselheiro Ribas, 136 – Sesc Santos.

BY MUNICIPAL ROUND WAY BUS LINES (Bus station – Sesc – Bus station)

• Circular 139 – Centro - Sesc → Valongo Bus Terminal. Get off on the second stop at Rua Alexandre Martins, next to Sesc Santos.
• Circular 193 – Sesc - Centro → Take the bus at Rua Alexandre Martins, next to Sesc Santos. Get off on Terminal Rodoviário do Valongo.
• Circular 42 – Centro - Sesc → Valongo Bus Terminal. Get off on the first bus stop after Av. Almirante Cochrane (Canal 5), on the beach – walk until and enter Rua Alexandre Martins taking the second street to the left, Rua Conselheiro Ribas, 136 – Sesc Santos.
• Circular 29 – Sesc - Centro → Take the bus at Av. Bartolomeu de Gusmão (praia). Get off on Terminal Rodoviário do Valongo.


Tickets will be available for sale starting 8/16, at 2 p.m., on, and at 5:30 p.m. on box offices of every unit of Sesc. See limitation of tickets on sale per person.

Tickets purchased at the unit’s ticket offices cannot be returned nor exchanged for different times, dates or performances.

Children’s performances tickets will only be sold at the box offices of every Sesc unit. Children under 12 need not pay, but tickets must be picked up in advance.


At Sesc Santos, tickets will be on sale from Tuesday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

For special activities at C.A.I.S. Vila Mathias, Casa Rosada (SABESP), Armênio Mendes Theater - Centro Cultural Português, Brás Cubas Theater, Coliseu Theater and Guarany Theater, tickets will be sold one hour prior to the activity.


Online tickets will be on sale, while available, until two hours prior to the show. Tickets acquired through the website will be available for pick up at every unit of Sesc until two hours before the show.

At Sesc Santos, they can be picked up on the same day, before the performance. Arriving an hour before the activity is advised.

For performances in outdoor spaces, tickets can be picked up at Sesc Santos until two hours prior to the beginning. After that, they must be picked up at the box office of the venue.

Only the buyer or a person appointed at the time of purchase can pick up tickets.


Valid full Sesc credential; student card, school card of the current year or semester, proof of enrollment or tuition payment; professional ID card or pay stub for public school servers; proof of retirement, ID Jovem proof and document of identification for people over 60. In case proof for the discount is not provided, the full price will be charged.


Cash, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Redeshop, Diners Club International and Vale Cultura (Ticket Cultura, Sodexo and Alelo) cards.


In order to participate, check out Portal Sesc for the address of the chosen activity. Free activities, except when pointed out, do not require tickets.

Where to stay

Atlantico Golden
Rua Jorge Tibiriça, 40 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3289-4600

Atlântico Inn Apart Hotel
Rua Jorge Tibiriçá, 4 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3285-4600

Caiçara Hotel
Praça dos Expedicionários, 7 - Encruzilhada - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3284-6798 / 3284-7080

Casarão Hotel
Avenida Almirante Cochrane, 21 - Aparecida - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3231-8684

Cosmopolitan Praia Flat
Rua Bahia, 174 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 2102-9493 / 2102-9410

Gonzaga Flat Service
Rua Jorge Tibiriçá, 41 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 2101-6111

Hotel Independência
Avenida Mal Floriano Peixoto, 206 - José Menino - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3237-6224

Hotel Parque Balneário
Avenida Ana Costa, 555 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3285-6900

Ibis Hotel
Avenida Washington Luiz, 565 - Boqueirão - Santos
Phone: +55 13 2127-1660

Mendes Plaza Hotel
Avenida Euclides da Cunha, 15 - Gonzaga – Santos
Rua Mal Floriano Peixoto, 42 - Gonzaga – Santos
Phone: +55 13 3208-6400

Mercure Hotel
Avenida Washington Luiz, 565 - Boqueirão - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3036-1013

Palladium Apart Service (São Vicente)
Rua João Ramalho, 466 - Centro - São Vicente
Phone: +55 13 2101-6111

Pousada Cantinho da Praia
Avenida Dr. Bernardino de Campos, 637 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3288-1174

Pousada Casa no Tombo (Guarujá)
Rua José Avelino de Oliveira, 464 - Praia do Tombo - Guarujá
Phone: +55 13 3018-0036

Pousada Nova Olimpia
Rua Santa Catarina, 106 - José Menino – Santos
Phone: +55 13 3237-4147

Pousada São Marcos
Rua Quintino Bocaiuva, 38 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3284-1464

Pousada Veraneio
Rua Quintino Bocaiúva, 23 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3284-1125

Ritz Hotel
Avenida Marechal Deodoro, 24 - Gonzaga - Santos
Phone: +55 13 3284-1171

Important phone numbers


Fire Department

+55 13 3208-1000


Tourist Police Station
+55 13 3224-2726

Transit Authority (CET)

Department of Tourism
+55 13 3201-8000

Disk Tour

Bus Station
+55 13 3219-2194

Santos – Guarujá Ferry

More information


Check parental rating before choosing your activity. On performances classified as not recommended for children under 18, minors will not be allowed, even if accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Outdoor activities might be changed or cancelled in case of weather changes that may hinder their execution. For information, go to or Sesc Santos.


International shows will be subtitled in Portuguese. National shows will be presented with Spanish subtitles, and, in special cases, English subtitles. Check the details for audio description and sign language interpreter services.